After I got wind of fastpages and attempting to configure it, I think you’ll see a lot more posts in this fashion. At least it’s a historical way for me to look back and see how far I really came!

Not everything I want to write is in [code] in a jupyter notebook, however it is cool, which I have yet to figure that one out, so bare with me. But to set this up, it’s a pain in the rear and you keep hearing from everyone to set up a redirect. (actually in my olden web days its called a redirect and its super simple)

Why does everyone make it seem so complicated is beyond me?

Really? I have to learn what the heck is Jekyll? Ok, I give, but the answer was super simple but the setup was a bit more complicated than what I thought. So let me give you a bit of history so you don’t have to make the same mistake.

When you first sign up for GitHub, you can get a free GitHub page, although you only get one. This is usually set up as https://<username> Unfortunately, if you want to use fastpages, it doesn’t support this user page. This means you have to make a repo project and it will tag the end of your page with your custom repo name, so if I created a repo that said blog, it would end up being https://<username>

Now enter my mistake of NOT using fastpages to begin with. If you have seen big push on to get blogging then you’ve missed some posts that will be vital to others coming behind you. See Rachel’s post here. So if you followed those directions you made posts with the single page. Mine was like this

Here you can see that the site was forked from fastai/fast_template. This allowed me to get going although not pretty, but I couldn’t do some cool things that fastpages give you. Mainly convert your notebooks into blog posts.

So I forked ANOTHER repo from fastai/fastpages

After I played with that, I found the docx conversion and hence my main reason for cutting over to fastpages. If you follow the original blog post from Rachel, you’ll notice you can’t quite just write your prose in word and then upload. You have to convert it and make it do all kinds of nasty things, rather than simply uploading it and it magically be set up. This is what fastpages does for me.

Now the problem I had was my custom domain which was pointing to my first site created by the fast_template. I tried to move this by pointing to the fastpages site, but things got all wacky.

Then after spending hours of research I kept hearing everyone talk about a redirect. I kept reading the recommended source, but couldn’t figure it out until it dawned on me. Duh

I just had to CREATE an index.HTML note freakin extension, cuz I swear I was reading this and it didn’t dawn on me. For a few hours, I kept changed the file and not creating the index.html file.

This is a special file, like default.htm which websites will run if there are no other special configurations. I placed this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<meta charset=”utf-8”>

<title>Redirecting to</title>

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=”>

<link rel=”canonical” href=””>

And then hit my main page of and VOILA it redirected to the fastpages site. I merged all the files from the fast_template site to the fastpages site so it looks a little wonky, but I don’t care. Its satisfying enough that I spent freaking all day just to get this, but it’s a blessing, because I can write in WORD much faster with all the spell check and formatting to my liking and then when I’m done, I can use VSCode or GitHub Desktop to push my changes and my images up and I’m cool!

However, there is a caveat to all this “free” blogging platform.

The limits of 1GB in size for a repo seem generous, but if you keep adding in photos, well then its perhaps better to cut to push to a real blogging platform, aka wordpress and all this mess. But when I reach that point, I can always archive off a few posts and move them.

Study Group afterthoughts

I had my first study group meeting last night, thanks to the people at TWIML for having me host it. I did have fun and it was interesting when things started to go over my head. Thanks to those that really got into the discussions!

The notes are on the slack channel and there will be a recording that I’ll have put up later today. Its just that I’m beat over this fast_template to fastpages thing, and its such a simple solution…sigh.

There were some bonus piece that I wanted to give to the group that was not on the video. I think I’ll just put them here.

Bonus Stuff

Previous questionnaire solutions (although some are not correct)

Paperspace tips
Get free account as you get more options and easier to get the Free-P5000

DataLoader worker (pid 109) is killed by signal: Killed.
This usually means you don’t have enough memory.
Sure enough they only gave me a CPU, rather a GPU

from fastai.text.all import *

dls = TextDataLoaders.from_folder(untar_data(URLs.IMDB), valid=’test’)

learn = text_classifier_learner(dls, AWD_LSTM, drop_mult=0.5, metrics=accuracy)

learn.fine_tune(4, 1e-2)


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After messing with my dl-blog site, something was wrong and I couldn’t get the actions to process correctly. There was a problem in the Jekyll process and kept throwing an error. Anyhow, I became so good at this that I just cloned a new repo, changed the redirect, and uploaded all the content, and wham, done. Total time 15 min. This was way easier than trying to troubleshoot what the heck is happening within the CI layer.

The good news is I’m more likely to move this site in the future to a real webhost since I have “unlimited” space on my webhost so no need to worry about the space or bandwidth. Although there are creative ways one could link multiple github pages if you’re so inclined, but it would be messy and hard to maintain if you’re posting a lot.

Reminder to myself:
When things are breaking, treat your site like cattle and not as pets. Make hamburgers and move on.