# Excited and Anxious

Have you ever been getting ready for some big event both dreading all the preparation but looking forward to all the activities? Well that’s how I’ve been with this new study group that begins tomorrow!

I didn’t want to push myself and watch Lesson 4, and then start to lose all the ideas I want to share back in Lesson 1-3. So I decided to take a break and work on something non-fastai -ish. That led me to rebuild my home network and add an access point, because these days I seem to need that network access even in the bathroom.

Of course, its never a simple setup trying to remember all the passwords and the update them all and put them in a nice file so you don’t forget.

After messing with that for most of the afternoon, I went to work on the fastpages. Trying to understand that is a bit of a challenge because I’m not a github actions person. But I thought it intriguing that I’d at least try and see what I can do.

After trying unsuccessfully to get the first one to work, I blew it away and started from scratch and its definitely a bit harder than just getting the original one just for posts. It uses actions which I’m not used to and it does some automated stuff to turn the .ipynb files into an html post.

At present, I was simply doing this blog using the lazy simple method of going to the _posts folder and creating a new file. But I wanted to expand and it seems they have everything ready to go. After I kept trying to post something to the site it dawned on me to look for the error logs in the CI build area. And then I found it, it couldn’t find an image directory.

I copied the original file from fastai just as a test and didn’t realize I needed those images. So I went to the clean directory and posted one there and renamed the title. Voila it worked.

Now, how do I get my posts over from this one over there or vice-versa? Oh well, and least its somewhat setup and I can say that I have fastpages installed and ready to go.

Mark that off my bucket list of things to do!

See you tomorrow with my class study report!