Hiking Failure

I had it all planned. I had been building up my endurance and wanted to give my new diet the challenge of hiking San Bernadino Peak for a total of 16.9 miles!

Then the heat..and now its predicted to be 115 degrees in that area.
Phoobar, but maybe God didn’t want me hiking and burn up just a few days before my debut on TWiML, continue reading below!

I decided to keep going through the video lessons and get to the part where I’m supposed to blog my experience. I get through most of the notebook without issues and even sign up with paperspace with the discount code added. NOTE If you don’t sign up, they wont give you even the FREE machines to use like the FREE-P5000. (Once I signed up, they magically became available…)

I didn’t sign up for Google Colab because I figured I’d be slow at needed the GPUs anyway. I also read on Daniel Radecic’s Colab Pro: Is it Worth the Money? on Medium Most of my time will be watching the lectures and reading the book, while running the code now-and-then. I’m not at the point where I’m banging on the GPU just yet with all my DL, but I hope to change that soon.

Then Jose contacted me and said I had 16 people in my slack thread. Wait?!?! What? That thing only went out today, so I better post up some content and make everyone welcomed and excited to join the study group! In case someone wants to check it out:TWIML Fast AI Practical Deel Learning for Coders

My take away is that instead of passively learning it, I might as well jump in with both feet, make some new friends around the world. Now I should really learn how to publish my own notebooks as blog posts with fastbook eh?