Why did I ever start the Ethics course?!?!

As I stated previously, I never really thought (or cared) about ethics. I was only interested in taking my technological skills to the next level. This ethics thing got me interested. I’m not really a fan of academia, but in the course there are many articles written in just that. I watched Lesson 2 of the ethics course and there was a lot of overlap in the book, chapter 3. But the links and other reading materials lead one to rethink their roles in technology.

But I digress…

My study group got bumped from its original date and I start on Tuesday, Sept 8 a day after the Labor Day Holiday.
I hope I have more than just 2 or 3, making it fun and interesting.

Of course, all of this has me studying and preparing for those lessons as I don’t want me to the drag in the study group that I’m HOSTING!

I watched a little bit of the AICamp and was disappointed in Automated ML. Maybe I’m just getting too advanced in DL these days.

Now I’m reading Datasheets for Datasets and thought it was an interesting concept, but not sure how that’s going to go well with everyone doing there own thing these days.

Until tomorrow.