Out of my shell onto the virtual stage!

Before I dive into my journey, I thought I’d get a lay of the land first and reach out and make new contacts and friends. My first thought is just plowing through the material like before, but I run into some difficulties with this.


  1. No accountability for anything, schedule, learning path/objectives, finding creative projects that resonate with me, etc
  2. Not sure if I’m headed in the right direction or veering off course into a tangent that wont serve me
  3. Limiting my opportunities of not getting a bigger picture

After digging through the forums, I found an interesting site at TWIML Community

So I figued just getting involved here might be a better fit than the FastAI Forums.

Also, it might be good to have a checklist on things I need/want to accomplish (such as creating a Paperspace account, figuring out to publish jupyter notebooks to github, etc.

Anyhow, I also would like to be more diligent wriiting here and documenting my journey for those coming after me. Let’s see how far I get today.

Update I was able to meet with Jose Ochoa (and oshan) from TWIML. We discussed next steps but it may be that I start my course right as I was thinking on Sept 9. Very excited. Also made paperspace account and it had a github settings so not sure if they will go in there or not. In paperspace, I had to wait until a free server was available as I was going to put a cc but thought I’d better wait. Good thing I did just to try it out.