Books and notes, and more notes!

Here we go AGAIN! Skipping to FastAI v2, is somewhat different. First, I’ve been through several of the v1 videos and got the terminology in my head. So it was a refresher and breather that I’m able to get through video 1 of the new course without too many ????

That said, just resetting my brain and getting in the flow of study might be a bit challenging. I remembered how the blog was supposed to work, and now putting in my daily notes. I forgot how the jupyter notes worked and fired up my anaconda.

I was studying Python for a bit and saw a lot of my old notebooks, but wanted to know how to push them up to github using fastai’s template.

But maybe that’s all the old way as I see now they have Colab, Gradient and DataCrunch. All look very cool, but I’m used to Google Colab and will start from there.

I complained to Oreily on this, but the actual book is located here: and the clean version is supposedly the stripped down version

However, note the instructions like on Colab about getting the actual jupyter notebooks and you’ll notice that you could just use those. See you tomorrow!