*first mistake

Not typing in the username exactly!

I know, its such a simple task, but how to resolve it? Do I just continue? But it doesn’t work and I hit my first stumbling block. I tried a few tasks within github to no avail. I even renamed it to the proper name, but still no go.

So I deleted the repo and started again, this time being extra careful…and then voila it worked in 30 seconds.

The next step download GitHub desktop and synch locally to my desktop. This will be important as I should be very familiar with git and its commands but I never thought of keeping it as a blog. Interesting. So away I went, downloaded and installed.

So this is probably your first assignment. Set up the gitblog and post your first post. If you happen to own your own domain, I’d suggest point it to your new blog following the instructions, but I digress as its more important to just start writing and cataloging your progress!